"North Star"
Large Steel Moon w/ Swirly Wire Rays

Copper & Steel Stars (24" x 24") $350

(Not Shown)Solid Copper Moon $500
"Happy Daze"
ONE OF A KIND Steel Sun w/ Copper Sunglasses.
Made by Marty.

(18"wide x 15"tall)  $90
"Sunny Daze"
Serene 3D Hammered Copper Sun Face

Solid Copper (3' x 3')  $500
"Dusk 'til Dawn"
Copper Sun and Steel Moon

(15" wide x 10" high) $90
"Heart Burn"
Copper Heart w/ Recycled Glass Bud Vase & Flames
(23"wide x 20"high)$150
"Crash Pad"
Copper Frog on Steel Lily Pad

(9" wide x 10" long) $50
"Midnight Crush"
Copper Grape Vine Face with Steel Moon

Mask (1.5' x 1.5') $475
Sexy Mermaid wall art made with salvaged copper
"Sexy Mermaid"
Copper Mermaid and Sea Creatures

Large Mermaid Scene (3.5' wide x  2.5' high) $450

Small Mermaid Scene (12"w x 10"h) $150
"Mama Sea Turtle"
Large Copper Turtle

Large  (19" tall x 20" wide) $295
"Baby Sea Turtles"
Solid Copper Turtle

Small (6" tall x 7" wide) $50 each
Flame Angel Trio
"Flame Angels"
Copper Fish Trio on Wire
Other Fish Available: Angel Fish, Salmon, Trout, Yellow Perch,
Shark, Humpback Whale

Trio on Wire (2.5' wide x 1.5' high) $150

Single Fish (10" wide x 6" high) $45 each
Flame Angel fish
"Flame Angel"
Single Fish Copper Wall Art
<<See List of Fish Available

Single (10" wide x 6" high) $45
"Sea(Horse) of Love"
Solid Copper

Large ( 10" wide x 15" tall) $125
"Scallop Shell"
Solid Copper

Medium (8" x 8") $30
"(Sand)Dollar Days"
Solid Copper Sand Dollar

Medium  (8" x 8") $45
Outside View
"Ah, Baloney"
Hand Hammered Solid Copper Abalone
Hangs by inner curve or lay on Table

Abalone Shell (9"high  x 12"wide) $100
Inside View
"Winged Heart"
ONE OF A KIND Steel Heart with Wings, Chains & a Padlock.
Maybe a key...Made by Marty.

(20"wide x 15"tall)  $120
Solid Copper

Mama (4' wide x 2' high) $400 each

Baby (14" wide x 10" high) $45 each
Wall Art