Ordering & Contact Info
If you see a "Buy Now" button by the item you want to order, use it.  You can pay using Paypal. If you want something custom made or don't see exactly what you want,  please email me at
ambrz@ambrzart.com or call (707)443-7815 9am to 9pm PST with your ideas or specific order. Include your email address, shipping address and phone #.  Most credit cards
accepted, checks & money orders will be verified for funds before shipping. You can also supply a bank account # to Paypal to debit directly from your account.  Whatever works for you,
they have lots of payment options available.

Prices are subject to change!
Since each piece is made by hand, please allow plenty of time for delivery, especially if you order a custom made item.  Usually delivery will take 4 - 8 weeks, depending on my production
schedule.   Items will probably be shipped via US mail service, not UPS.  I'm still figuring out the best shipping charges, so please take note that  prices are subject to change.   

The following is already on the "Buy Now" buttons...

General Shipping Prices from USPS website: (Prices may vary, depending on size & weight)
Small items (up to 2 lbs) $5.00
Medium items (up to 5 lbs) $10.00
Large items or multiple items(up to 10 lbs) $20.00

Insurance Charges:  (Recommended, because I can not be responsible for items damaged during shipping, however I will be happy to repair and/or replace if you have insurance)
Value of Item:                     Charge:
0.01 to $50.00                  $1.35
50.01 to 100.00                  2.30
100.01 to 200.00               3.35
200.01 to 300.00               4.40
300.01 to 400.00               5.45
400.01 to 500.00               6.50

All artwork you see on this website is copyrighted. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced or displayed in any manner without express permission
from the artist.
In many Items that incorporate glass, you can specify what colors you want by using the following numbers. Feel free to Mix & Match.

(1)Cobalt Blue  (2)Light Blue  (3)Aqua  (4)Purple  (5)Pink  (6)Red  (7)Orange  (8)Yellow  (9)Green  (10)Clear Opalescent (11)Browns, Neutrals  (12)Black  (13)White  (14)Wood or Stone

(C)Copper  (S)Steel

If you have an Art Gallery, Fine Gift Shop or other quality store and are interested in carrying my art, please contact me at AmbrzArt1@yahoo.com.  Or you can call (707) 443-7815 between
the hours of 9am-9pm PST.  

All prices on this website are available at or close to keystone for wholesale orders only (at artist's discretion, b).  Generally, an opening order minimum is $200, reorders are $100,
however I will consider other orders.  First orders are prepay or a credit card must be given at time of order.  Credit Cards are accepted through Paypal.  Checks or Money Orders also
accepted, although items will not be shipped until check clears.  Net 15 on approved accounts for subsequent orders.  Expect 6-8 weeks or more for delivery, depending on size of order.  
All sales final, although trades might be posssible for new merchandise after 12 months, at my discretion, however - you pay for shipping.  I guarantee workmanship for 12 months, repairs
that I deem are my fault I will fix at no cost to you except for splitting shipping and handling costs.  Other repairs, (due to poor handling, for instance) will be on a case by case basis, and
may involve a small fee.  Any unauthorized cancellations, refused orders or returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee plus shipping costs.  Freight damages are responsibility of carrier,
but notify me immediately so I can file a claim on your behalf.
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