Amber's One of a Kind Fused Glass Art!
The pieces above add serious flair to all my
one of a kind work but I also love making
interesting shapes in glass, like Redwood
Trees, Peace Signs, Hearts, Flowers, you
name it! They all come out different because
I use mostly recycled glass and I don't always
know what will happen in the kiln...
Single pieces make great ornaments, or have
me combine them with your favorite animals
or themes.

$25 Glass Redwood Tree Ornaments:

$30 Peace Symbol Ornaments

$30 Glass Dragonfly Ornament
~ One of a Kind Gallery ~  from the Junque Art Show at Morris Graves Art Museum, or just because we wanted to...
Junque Art Mermaid made from all Recycled
Materials, mostly from the beach. Her head is a
clam shovel, rusty wire hair, car part ribcage,
fused glass, glass float, etc!
"Future Primitive"
Junque Art Mask made from porcelain mask, driftwood antlers,
saw blade, vintage jewelry from my grandma, keyboard from our
old printer, car light cover, broken art glass, copper. $250
Junque Art Egret made from all
Recycled Materials. Plastic milk jug
feathers, steel body from our old
dishwasher door, driftwood plank,
fused glass eye, copper sun &
creatures, etc!
"Silver Moon Rays"
Steel Moon with rays, hand drawn by Amber, hand cut via plasma
cutter by Marty, hangs by chain. This one -SOLD- but we can make
more! $175
Marty's One of a Kind Steel Mermaids!
on Driftwood with Glass
Wall Art or Hanging Garden Jewelry
Foot long freehand plasma cut,
Let him design one for you!

Spider! Fused Glass
spider web made by
Amber, glass bead spider,
copper, driftwood

but can make more!
Flaming steel circle Marty free-hand cut perfectly
matched a circle of fused glass that a former
student abandoned at the Fire Arts Center where
I make my glass pieces...score! I'm in love with
how it looks. This is in our personal collection.
Steampunk Steel Heart made by Marty.
Chains, gears, a key and a padlock are on this
one of a kind piece. Freehand plasma cut
"Love", "XOX" and "Forever Bound" are
written on it. Perfect for a wedding gift! $150
Some of my favorite Fused
Glass Pieces I've made! The
mermaid was a gift for my
sister but the rest made their
way into Ambrz Art Home &
Garden Jewelry.

~Ask about custom designed
Ambrz Art for You!~
Commissioned Copper Butterfly made for a
customer's mom. Big guy, almost a foot and a
half across, with glass gems wired on to this
multi-copper piece. Love how it turned out!
Order your own Butterfly here:

Junque Art Mirror 1st Place Winner was made with
discarded mirror, driftwood, a fused glass bee and copper
animals. This piece is in our collection but could go to another
good home...
Dragon! Marty took my original Spiral Dragon
design and ran with it, as he does on all our
Large Dragons now... we also make Teenage
Dragons and recently added a Baby Sea
Dragon to our Window Jewelry pieces.
-This one SOLD for $150-

Large varies in price $65 on up-Ask for
current selection!

Spiral Dragon (8"x15") $58

Teenage Dragon (5.5"x10") $45
Cloud Mobile with Fused Glass Rain Drops on Chains
-This one SOLD for $100-

Large+Med+Small Cloud Mobile (12"x30") $100

Large Cloud 3 Strands with Drops (8"x15") $65

Medium & Small Rain Clouds w/ Drops (10"x20") $50

Small Rain Cloud with 1 Drop (7"x10") $32
"My Inner Child Still Plays on Treasure Island"
Junque Art 1st Place Winner Ocean View Window
made from all Recycled Materials, mostly from the
beach. Found the frame intact, added a piece of a
boat, part of a fence, a copper sun and a copper
lizard to represent the smallest lizard I've ever caught
on the day I gathered all this Junque from Crab Park.
This piece was requested by us for a Veterans's fundraiser. Marty made it
and it's one of my favorite donations so far! Steel, Copper, Wire Mesh

~Ask about custom designed Ambrz Art for You!~