If you're looking for something unique to fill an empty wall or bland ceiling, you've come to the right place!
Ambrz Art Murals will work with you to create an interesting design for your home or office, on your walls
or ceiling, or even on your storefront windows.  Each one is custom designed for you!
Metal Murals
Shown: Copper & Steel
"Arcata Dreaming"

This Metal Mural was designed for
this bland outdoor garage wall. It was
made from salvaged copper and
steel in oversized pieces for a very
dramatic view when approaching this
house. It is still a work in progress
because the owner keeps coming up
with new ideas!  This can also be
done indoors.
Wall Murals
Shown: "Over & Under Water"

This is a fun image I painted in
a child's room, but it could work
equally well in a bathroom or
anyone's room that loves the
ocean. I call it the "Over &
Under Water Mural" because it
shows the sun setting over
islands, with a whole underwater
coral scene below.
Ceiling Murals

Shown: "In the Humboldt Ocean"

This was painted on a dental office
exam room ceiling. Talk about
something to look at to distract you!  I
always research my subjects before
painting them for a realistic but
artistic look, and this was no
exception.  For this one, I researched
ocean creatures and plants that can
be found off Northern California's
coast.  Notice the heavy drywall
texture - it's possible to paint over
almost anything!
Murals in Odd

First Picture : "Palm Tree"

This was painted in the corner of a room
and up on the ceiling for a wonderful 3D
effect. What a great way to bring color into
a dull corner!

Second Picture:  "Tree Trunk"

This tree was painted on a skinny wall
between two windows. It was already in the
shape of a tree trunk, all I had to do was
add paint to make it a tree! For more of this
mural, be sure to check out my whole-room

Shown: "In the Forest"

This is an example of a whole room that is
painted for a total immersion effect - all four walls,
between the windows and the ceiling are painted.
When you really want to 'WOW', go for this look.  
How about finding yourself in space? Or under
the ocean?  Inside of a log cabin or a fairy tale
castle?  The only limit is your imagination.
Still don't see what you're looking for?  Contact me - I love doing custom work!  Indoors, outdoors, on windows, walls,
ceilings, or anywhere in-between, even if it's temporar
y, let my artistry work for you.

This Metal Mural was designed to fit in this customer's living room. The snow topped
mountains are 11' long and the  Redwood Trees are 8' tall completely surrounding the
entertainment center. Made from recycled steel and copper rain gutters. The plan was to
include a wire lake with small trees and stones around the shore, it wasn't finished before
he moved but he took the mural with him anyway!