"All Creatures Great and Small"
Fancy Copper Window
Jewelry Size w/ 1 Strand of
Amber's Fused Glass

Window Jewelry w/1 Strand
(size varies up to 6"wide x 12"long)

Mermaid, Turtle, Crab, Sea
Dragon, Seahorse, Seashell,
Starfish, Whale, Shark,
Dolphin, Pelican, Butterfly,
Dragonfly, Frog, Gecko,
Hummingbird, Cat, Chicken,
Dog, Wolf, Owl, Bat, Sun,
Moon, Star, Elephant, Giraffe,
Maple Leaf, Redwood Tree
Mother Mermaid. Vintage Jewelry, each is one-of-a-kind.
"Mother Mermaid"
Copper Mermaid with 5 Strands

Large with 5 Strands (20" wide x 33" tall) $250

Med. 3 Strands(12" wide x 24" tall) $69

Small 1 Strand (5" wide x 11" tall) $45
"Scallop Shell"
Copper Shell with
w/ 3 Strands

(8"wide x 12" tall) $49
Copper Seahorse
w/ 1-3 Strands

4"wide x 10"tall) $55
Copper with 3 Strands
Also Available in: Shark, Humpback

3 Strands (12"wide x 20" tall) $55
"Fish On!"
Copper Fish with Decorative Strands

Swimming Salmon with 3 Strands
(9" wide x 16" long) $65

Small Salmon with 1 Strand (6" x 11") $38

Also Available: Rainbow Trout, Swimming or
Jumping Salmon, Bass, Yellow Perch
"Fish On!"
Jumping Copper Salmon with Driftwood

Salmon w/ Driftwood (9" wide x 18-22" varies)
"Fish On!"
Jumping Copper Salmon w/

Salmon w/ Dragonfly (10" x 16" long)
"Fauna Food Chain"
Copper Trout, Bear & Oak Leaf
(OR substitute Leaf for Dragonfly)

Trout, Bear & Oak Chain (9" x 20")  $68

Also Available:
Substitute Rainbow Trout(shown) for
Swimming or Jumping Salmon, Bass,
Yellow Perch;
Substitute Grizzly (shown) for Baby Bear
or Pelican;
Substitute Oak Leaf(shown) for
Dragonfly or Maple or Simple Leaf
Copper w/ 3 Strands

Baby w/ 3 Strands(8"wide x
20" long)

Small Baby Bear w/ 1
(5.5"w x 10") $38

"Hang in There Froggy!"
Copper Frog with 1-3 Strands

Small w/ 1 Strand (4" wide x 15" long) $38

Large w/ 3 Strands
(6"wide x 30" long) $58
"Grizzly Bear"
Copper w/ 4 Strands & Leaves

Grizzly w/ 4 strands (10"wide x 21"long) $76

Small Bear w/ 1 Strand
(5.5"w x 10"h)$38
"A Horse of Course"
Copper with 1 Strand

Lrg. Horse w/ 1 Strand (8" x 12") $58

Small Horse w/ 1 Strn (5.5"w x 10"h) $38

Medium Unicorn w/ 1 Str
(6.5"x11") $45
Copper and Glass Sun or Moon

Large Moon w/ 3-5 Strands (8"wide x 18"long) $75

Large Sun w/ 3 Strands
(6" x  12" long) $55
Maple Leaf Mobiles
Copper Leaves

Large Maple w/ 5 Strands(7" wide
x 18" high)

Large Maple+Small Maple+Leaf
7" wide x 20" high)$68

Copper and Glass Sun, Moon & Stars:

Med Moon w/ 2 Stars (3" wide x 11" long) $45

Med Sun, Moon & Star Strand
(6"w x30"l)$62
Copper w/ Amber's
Fused Glass

Small Heart (3"wide x 10"long) $36

(6"wide x 14"tall)  $45

Large Heart (10"wide x 20"long) $70
"Sea Turtle"
Copper with
Fused Glass

(10"wide x 20" tall)
Sea Dragon
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Copper w/ Driftwood and Fused Glass

Moose (10"wide x 21"long) $60
Jewelry for Your Home & Garden