"All Creatures Great and Small"
Fancy Copper Window
Jewelry Size w/ 1 Strand of
Amber's Fused Glass

Window Jewelry w/1 Strand
(size varies up to 6"wide x 12"long)

Mermaid, Turtle, Crab, Sea
Dragon, Seahorse, Seashell,
Starfish, Whale, Shark,
Dolphin, Pelican, Butterfly,
Dragonfly, Frog, Gecko,
Hummingbird, Cat, Chicken,
Dog, Wolf, Owl, Bat, Sun,
Moon, Star, Elephant, Giraffe,
Maple Leaf, Redwood Tree
~ Home & Garden Jewelry ~  One of a Kind Art you can hang anywhere you need bling! So pretty you'll want to put it inside! For outside, see Care Instructions
Mother Mermaid. Vintage Jewelry, each is one-of-a-kind.
"Mother Mermaid"
Copper Mermaid with 5 Strands

Large with 5 Strands (20" wide x 33" tall) $250

Med. 3 Strands(12" wide x 24" tall) $69

Small 1 Strand (5" wide x 11" tall) $45
"Scallop Shell"
Copper Shell with
w/ 3 Strands

(8"wide x 12" tall) $49
Copper Seahorse
w/ 1-3 Strands

4"wide x 10"tall) $55
Copper with 3 Strands
Also Available in: Shark, Humpback

3 Strands (12"wide x 20" tall) $55
"Fish On!"
Copper Fish with Decorative Strands

Swimming Salmon with 3 Strands
(9" wide x 16" long) $65

Small Salmon with 1 Strand (6" x 11") $38

Also Available: Rainbow Trout, Swimming
or Jumping Salmon, Bass, Yellow Perch
"Fish On!"
Jumping Copper Salmon with Driftwood

Salmon w/ Driftwood (9" wide x 18-22" varies)
"Fish On!"
Jumping Copper Salmon w/

Salmon w/ Dragonfly (10" x 16" long)
"Fauna Food Chain"
Copper Trout, Bear & Oak Leaf
(OR substitute Leaf for Dragonfly)

Trout, Bear & Oak Chain (9" x 20")  $68

Also Available:
Substitute Rainbow Trout(shown) for
Swimming or Jumping Salmon, Bass,
Yellow Perch;
Substitute Grizzly (shown) for Baby Bear
or Pelican;
Substitute Oak Leaf(shown) for
Dragonfly or Maple or Simple Leaf
"Baby Bear"
Copper w/ 3 Strands

Baby w/ 3 Strands(8"wide x
20" long)

Small Baby Bear w/ 1
(5.5"w x 10") $38

"Hang in There Froggy!"
Copper Frog with 1-3 Strands

Small w/ 1 Strand (4" wide x 15" long) $38

Large w/ 3 Strands
(6"wide x 30" long) $58
"Grizzly Bear"
Copper w/ 4 Strands & Leaves

Grizzly w/ 4 strands (10"wide x 21"long) $76

Small Bear w/ 1 Strand
(5.5"w x 10"h)$38
"A Horse of Course"
Copper with 1 Strand

Lrg. Horse w/ 1 Strand (8" x 12") $58

Small Horse w/ 1 Strn (5.5"w x 10"h) $38

Medium Unicorn w/ 1 Str
(6.5"x11") $45

Copper and Glass Sun or Moon

Large Moon w/ 3-5 Strands (8"wide x 18"long) $75

Large Sun w/ 3 Strands (6" x  12" long) $55

Maple Leaf Mobiles
Copper Leaves

Large Maple w/ 5 Strands(7" wide
x 18" high)

Large Maple+Small Maple+Leaf
7" wide x 20" high)$68

Copper and Glass Sun, Moon & Stars:

Med Moon w/ 2 Stars (3" wide x 11" long) $45

Med Sun, Moon & Star Strand
(6"w x30"l)$62
Copper w/ Amber's
Fused Glass

Small Heart (3"wide x 10"long) $36

(6"wide x 14"tall)  $45

Large Heart (10"wide x 20"long) $70
"Sea Turtle"
Copper with
Fused Glass

(10"wide x 20" tall)

Sea Dragon
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Copper w/ Driftwood and Fused Glass

Moose (10"wide x 21"long) $60